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We recently bought a Ford Transit for our company from Mobillease and were very impressed with the customer service we received from Billy! They are professional and were able to cater to our schedule. Highly Recommended!!!

- Jason Troth

Mr. George answered my inquiries. I will consider Mobilease for a future transaction. I just hope that Mr. George understand me when I told him that I need my DL first before I purchase a car. My driving lesson is still on going. As soon as I get my DL, I will visit Mobilease. Thanks Mr. George & God bless.

- CarGurus

We lost both of our cars in the Louisiana floods on 8/12/16. Mr. Will (Hemphill) at Mobilease found us a great deal on a gently used van like the one we lost. Great people! Great service!

- Sarah R.

Well folks, super salesman mobileases own george lazaneo once again showed his leadership and personal initiative by selling a new mobilease customer by the name of robert mcguire an almost new 2014 dodge ram 1500 at a reasonable market price. And with the savings robert was able to purchase a overhead pipe rack to mount on this dynamic ram truck. So some people say "big deal" about the pipe rack on this great looking dodge ram 1500 truck. It is a big deal because of george's insight and drive to satisfy his customer he also enabled robert mcguire to have the resources to go get another job utilizing his new mobilease dodge ram 1500 truck and increase robert's income by over 40% along with enabling robert mcguire to cut his work week hours from 60 hours a week to 43 hours a week. So let's take a look at what george lazaneo did for the american economy by selling robert mcguire a 2014 dodge ram truck with a 5.7 liter hemi engine. George was able to increase mr. Mcguire's income so he spends more money and george enabled robert mcguire to have more free time so he can spend that free time shopping more at local businesse with his extra cash. George lazaneo is not only a customer service super star, but also financial genius doing his part to stimulate the american economy and improve the american quality of life by one car sale at a time. George lazaneo thank you again for being a mobilease superstar and just a darn nice guy! Just like george always says "all car buyers matter to me!"

- Facebook

George (Lazaneo) helped me to understand the basics of financing process when buying a vehicle. When you have a salesman that takes the time to educate his client you have a committed and loyal customer from now on.

- Robert M.

Now THIS is the way to buy a car or truck. Nothing flashy. Mostly vehicles that have been on lease coming back for sale. More importantly if you are a small or medium multi vehicle operation, THIS is the place to lease your fleet. Exceptional service, plus, I could not find better pricing. An honest and straight forward deal. This is a rare find in the auto lease/sale business. Give this place high marks for knowing and doing business right and fair.

- Google

Mobilease Auto Sales always has what we need or can or will get it if they don't! In my business sometimes I need vehicles quick and Sid Greer never disappoints! Their prices are great and their quality is above standard from what you expect a pre-owned commercial grade vehicle to be and the fact they stand behind their product gives me peace of mind. We have purchased over a dozen and look forward to a dozen more.

- Greg C.

The dealer contact me immediately and told me everything about the car. I ultimately, purchased the car although, i planned to go to another dealer. We negotiated via text as i was in route to another dealer. we came to an agreement, so i changed my plans and went to Mobilease and purchase the car!! The easiest purchase I've ever made --- and I've purchase a lot of cars over the years.

- CarGurus

GEORGE LAZANEO HAS THE PATIENCE OF A SAINT! GEORGE ANSWERED ALL MY QUESTIONS AND I HAD A TON OF THEM! I had an idea what I wanted when I came to the office and after I sat and spoke with George for a while and he cleared up some of my misconceptions and misunderstandings I had about the car buying process, George doesn't push you. He gives you information and lets you make informed decisions, George helped me to understand the different options on car financing because I was confused. George helped me to understand the basics of financing process when buying a vehicle. When you have a salesman that takes the time to educate his client you have a committed and loyal customer from now on. I would feel very safe and comfortable sending my 86 year old mother in to buy a car from George because I know he would treat her with respect and honesty, THANK YOU AGAIN GEORGE LAZANEO! YOU ARE A CUT ABOVE THE OTHER CAR SALES PEOPLE WE SPOKE TO AND THAT ALSO SAYS A LOT FOR MOBILEASE TOO. WAY TO GO GEORGE!

- Facebook

Best car buying experience ever for me.Sid very likeable and did not try any weird stuff car salesmen sometimes try to do.Gave me a super deal that saved me thousands without any hidden fees and did not lowball me on trade-in.Anyone looking for a great used car or truck at a great price come here first.

- Google

We all know that buying a vehicle can be a challenging process - but it is always a pleasure working with the team at Mobilease. Each team member demonstrates a commitment to meeting our needs throughout the entire process - and I strongly recommend doing business with Mobilease.

- Robert D.

I have been looking for my ideal hybrid car for months and test drove two cars prior to coming to Mobilease. Mobilease had the vehicle that I was interested in. I was greeted by Billy who was very helpful and test drove the car. The buying process was easy and fast. The car was appropriately priced, and no unnecessary fees were charged. I would highly recommend this dealership.

- Sumair C. via Google

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